INKED Collar Slide: Sea Nymph
INKED Collar Slide: Sea Nymph

INKED Collar Slide: Sea Nymph

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Featuring Sea Foam Biothane embellished with ombre mermaid scales and faux pearls, our INKED Sea Nymph Collar Slide will give your pup some serious style points. Slip it onto our Classic Collars for special occasions or just to make a splash!

Available in 3 sizes:

  • S: 5/8" width, approx. 8cm long, fits 8-12 inches)
  • M: 5/8" width, approx. 10cm long, (fits 11-14 inches)
  • L: 3/4" width, approx. 12cm long, (fits 13-18 inches)

NOTE: Due to the way our Martingale and Quick Release collars are made, you won't be able to slip collar slides or loops on yourself. Let us know if you're looking for add-ons for these collars instead.

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