The Art Of Pet Wear

Street Chic Pet Wear Creations For The Stylish Yet Comfort-Loving Pawby.

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Classic Collars

A timeless staple, a Paws Of Kow collar isn’t just a simple accessory but a symbol of love and commitment to your pawby.

Celebrate the promise of belonging you have given your pawby. A family and home that your pawby will always have with you.

Collar Accessories

A staple accessory like the Classic Collar shouldn’t just be one dimensional, that is why we’ve designed accessories to accentuate it.

Maximise the wear of your pawby’s collar while transforming the look to match it’s daily style.

Standard Leashes

Simple yet effective, our Standard range is for the no-fuss pawrent. Each leash is created as a whole piece and/or bolted together.

Choose between Classic or Multi-way.

Interchangeable leashes

For the pawrent who is both fashion forward but still wants functionality at the forefront.

Our Interchangeable range is designed in modular pieces so that you have the ability to buy different pieces and attach them together to create different colour and style combos to fit your walk.

Choose between 2 handle styles and various types of leash straps creations.



We use Biothane as our main material of choice in our leashes and collars because of its fuss-free nature. To clean, simply wash with soap and water.


We stock a variety of Biothane colour options in three widths - 3/8", 5/8" and 3/4". This gives you a wide range of combinations to choose when creating your gear.


With our interchangeable options, you can add, swap and evolve your gear to suit your's and your pawby's style and lifestyle.