Martingale Collar
Martingale Collar
Martingale Collar

Martingale Collar

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Strap Width

Our Martingale Collar is primarily used as a training collar, tightening by about 3.5 inches when your dog pulls, and then loosening once they slow down. It also prevents dogs from backing away from their collars and escaping. Name personalisation is available as an add-on to make your dog's piece truly theirs.

For sizing and how to measure your dog, go here.

Materials used: 

  • Biothane - a waterproof, stink-proof and durable alternative to leather, find out more here
  • Brass hardware - durable and does not rust, will dull over time but can be polished


We've taken care to position our pin buckles as much to the side as possible, to minimise the buckle from pressing against the trachea during use. It is not advised to leave your dog unsupervised or at play with a martingale collar.

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Accessorise your collar

Think 'charm bracelet'. Easily collect these add-ons and pair them with our ever-growing range of Collar Slides, Loops and more to keep the look of your collars different.

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