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What is Biothane?

Biothane is  a brand of coated polyester webbing made by a family-run business in the USA. Honed for it's unique properties, this webbing is waterproof, stink-proof, durable and essentially a more hygienic alternative material for pet gear which is used in our Jelly Collection. Also known as unicorn leather but we identify it more as mermaid leather (cos waterproof!), this coated webbing has been used in the equestrian industry for horse bridle but has since gained popularity in the pet industry in the forms of collars and leashes.

Waterproof: Polyester as a material has a low water absorption properties is further sandwiched and encased in either a PVC or TPU coating. We carry PVC coated Biothane webbing.

Stink-proof: The PVC rubber-like coating mimics the look of leather but does not absorb smells like it, so you don't have to worry about stinky collars and leashes. That's the beauty! It is considered a vegan alternative and we love that no animal gets hurt in the process of making Biothane webbing!

Durable: Proven to be stronger than leather, Biothane has a superior break strength. We carry a few widths including 3/8", 5/8", 3/4". Each of these sizes are durable in their own right. We have chosen to keep the 3/8" for more aesthetic accent in our line for the time being. The 5/8" and 3/4" are used more in our collars and leashes to cater to wide array of dogs.

3/8" - Break Strength of 375lbs.

5/8" - Break Strength of 625lbs.

3/4" - Break Strength of 750lbs.

In addition, we use solid brass hardware with our pet gear for it's rust-proof properties and durability which compliment the Biothane webbing.

More Hygienic: Especially since Covid-19, good hygienic habits are of utmost importance in our lives and it should also be for our beloved pawbies' gear too. Biothane with its low to no absorption properties keeps dirt and germs mainly at the surface, so there is a smaller chance of nasties remaining on your gear after a good wash... much like our hands. Simply wash with soap and water, and wipe dry to keep your gear clean.

Colour: One of great things about Biothane is that it is available in a variety of colours. So let’s talk about colours. Working with Biothane, I’ve made a couple of observations which I hope will help you pick a colour that suits you most.

Dark to Medium Colours:
I bring in mainly medium to dark colours because they handle much better over time. While Biothane is low maintenance, darker colours camouflage scuffs and stains that may occur over time. This has remained especially true with my personal sets.

Light Colours:
Beautiful for contrasting and for the most bit is still low maintenance. I’ve had minimal issues with light colours as well. Just clean with soap and water. However over time may look less pristine from any scuffing.

Fluorescent Colours:
In our stock, we only carry one from the fluorescent range that being the Hot Pink. It is beautiful and works well like the others. So far I only wouldn’t recommended it as a strap keeper for another colour as it may stain the contrasting colour overtime. It is probably the only colour I have witnessed some colour run. But as a leash or collar it still works well.

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