How To: Design Your Kit

Building your very first Interchangeable Set? Here is a step by step guide that will walk you through to create your very own Paws Of Kow Interchangeable Gear.

Step 1: Which strap width do you prefer?

We have 3 strap sizes

Petit: 3/8" or 0.9 cm - light-weight, recommended for small dogs.

Moyen: 5/8" or 1.5cm - popular choice. versatile width for small to large size dogs. Ideal grip.

Grande: 3/4" or 1.9cm - Ideal for medium to larger dogs especially pullers. Extra grip.  

Step 2: Decide on a handle - Classic or Multi-way?

Classic handle is a loop for your hand. It is a staple tool if you are looking for a simple one-use function.

Multi-way handle is a longer strap with a floating ring. This handle allows you to convert into a multitude of functions from hand loop to crossbody to around the waist just to name a few. To view this handle in action click here.

Step 3:  Choose a Main Leash strap length

Our Main Leash is the strap that will attach onto the handle to create a leash. They come in 3 standard sizes - Size A, Size B, Size C. When attached to our handles you will get:

Strap Length When Attached To The Classic Handle When Attached To The Multi-Way Handle
Size A 3 Ft. 6 Ft.
Size B 4 Ft. 7 Ft.
Size C 5 Ft. 8 Ft.


Once you've chosen your handle and leash strap you've created your very first kit! Build your collection as you go along with our extensive range of colours and patterned Biothane options to create your favourite combos in a snap!

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