Biothane Gear Care Guide

Paws Of Kow Jelly Collection Care Guide

Biothane Cleaning Care

To clean your collar + leash, simply wash with warm water and soap. Use a sponge or rag to remove dirt and grime. Wipe/Pat dry.

Based on our experience working with the material, we have found that a soft white eraser works well to lighten and sometimes remove patina stains on Biothane.

Hardware Care

Raw Brass:

Brass does not rust but will oxidize over time producing a patina which gives your hardware a duller appearance. If you prefer to have your brass hardware looking shiny, buffing with a jewelry polishing cloth will temporarily bring back it's lustre. Exposure to salt water also speeds up the dulling process so it is always good to rinse with fresh water and dry thoroughly after your adventure. Oxidization is inevitable but you can slow down the process with the steps above.


Gold Coated Brass:

With a layer of gold coating over brass hardware, it adds a layer of protection to the brass hardware, keeps it shiny and prolongs the effects of patina from staining the Biothane webbing.

Polishing is not advised for coated brass. Abrasion can affect the coating overtime however it does not affect the durability of the hardware. 

Snap Hook Maintenance:

Sand and debris may get stuck in the Snap Hook's spring enclosure during beach adventures. Wash with clean water to remove any debris.

If a snap hook seems stiff, apply a drop of sewing machine or bicycle oil into the spring enclosure. Click the snap hook a couple of times and it will help lubricate the spring. Clean any excess oil.

Each screw is carefully tightened during assembly (gear made from October 2021 onwards has been glued), however it is recommended to always inspect your gear and re-tighten with a flat-head screw driver if/when necessary. We definitely want you and your pawby to experience a good time with our gear, thus we recommend supervision during use.

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